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Sep 2

It’s really sad how lazy and depressed my generation is… I’m sorry but everyone spends hours on the internet and then complains about being awkward when social gatherings happen. Like maybe if we made friendships by going out and meeting people, life would be more exciting. And honestly, I am just like them. But having traveled this summer, now I know that lots of things that I do don’t even matter. I want to tell my kids ALL the awesomr things I did and got to see. The whole world is here and I haven’t seen 10% of it. Now that is depressing to me. I’ve also learned that God is the best painter and he is always right.and things don’t always work in our time. And if we want to be truly happy, we need to follow his plan because he loves his kids more than anything. I need to get my crap together and explore.


“i dont care about looks”




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The women’s game is treated by FIFA as charity work that serves to justify its monopoly over the “real” sport. Note the opening page of “The Laws of the Game,” which categorizes women as disabled players for whom the rules might be adjusted. If FIFA and the Canadian Football Association wanted to move the goal posts, make the field smaller, the match shorter, if they wanted to make women play with smaller balls, they could. They could do none of these things for men, unless those men were not men but children. Or over 35. Or disabled.


      Second Sex, Artificial Turf

I didn’t think it was real so i checked a copy of “The Laws of the Game” online and it is absolutely true. 







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I hated knowing what I wanted and knowing what was right and knowing that they weren’t the same thing.

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Guess who has a date on hold with a Texan boy? This girl. Even though I’m leaving tomorrow, we put it on hold for next time I come down and visit :). He’s amazing. He has 3 brothers and a little sister and his mom is just awesome. They’re just really nice, good people. I couldn’t have gotten a better pick, honestly. Oh and i got to say goodbyr to my cousin that’s going on his mission. He’s like a brother to me. I’ve never felt closer to a guy. Love you Will! Oh I’m going to miss this terribly humid place :) even the boonies. It’s nice having a little culture change.

Sep 1

We have a lot to learn about each other… but I have never felt more at ease and peaceful with a guy. This is the best trip. And my family loves him to death

He’s so sweet… but I can’t help but feel he’s not the one for me.
I guess that’s a good thing. He doesn’t need a girl to worry about right now. He has bright things ahead. And besides, it’s kind of hard for me to feel like we connect 100%. It’s more like 85. And that’s ok, because that’s all I need for a friend. I’m just afraid this is going to turn into a kiss and tell if I don’t keep this logic in mind. I have to vouce it to him. That I wouldn’t be committed, but I do enjoy his company. Just friends. :) I mean I disappoint myself that I can’t connect more with him, but you know, I can try my best and life is life

What is wrong with me. Seriously I need a boyfriend

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